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Our story

The team met whilst at secondary school through the RC racing club and mutual friends. A shared love of classic cars and VWs soon brought the team together and formed a strong friendship. 

After a few years, Charlie relocated down to Ickham in Canterbury much to the joy and relief of George and Sam. Whilst in Ickham, the Godfather of the group, Paul, purchased a Retro VW Volksrod and Sam began rat-looking his Beetle Eleanor.

With the help of some amber nectar the Rat 'n' Retro brand was born and our philosophy that if it isn't Retro, Rat it. 

Our plan

We love nothing more than just dicking about, if we could we'd do it daily. 

We've got ideas for project cars, future video series and events that we want to film and produce including an NC500 for £500 rally, a drift beetle and many more. In addition to this, we want to carve out the unique community of Rat n Retro car lovers. So, naturally we're hoping (when safe to do so) organise some meet ups and adorn our community with some killer garms. 

We're hoping to launch our apparel in time for the 2021 show season. Prior to this we might organise some small meet ups in/around the south east of England so if you're interested make sure you keep updated via the form below. 

Thanks for pretending to care!

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